RIP David Bowie

Ok I know I SAID I was taking a siesta, but in remembrance of David Bowie I felt now was an appropriate time to let you guys in on something that happens to me at least once a month…








As you may have guessed, I’m a wee bit obsessed with the movie “Labyrinth”. If this post makes no sense to you, go watch it immediately.

RIP David Bowie, you will be missed!


Now back to my siesta…


  1. Brilliant! What an awesome tribute!

    • Thanks so much! David Bowie is one of the few people I don’t actually know whose death really hit me. Robin Williams was another.

      • I cried when I found out. I cry almost every day, but STILL, I felt a part of my youth had died with him.

      • I cried when I heard the news. Of course, I cry every day, but STILL. It felt like a part of my youth was gone And it is. His death, as well as, Robin Williams, reminds me too much of my own mortality and the passing of time. I guess I thought they would always be here creating. It’s shocking when the ones we grew up with go. Well, that was depressing. Anyway, your tribute was fantastic! :)

  2. Love your version of Ludo.

  3. lately i’ve been, breaking glass in your room again lalala… don’t look at the carpet, i threw something awful on it… such a wonderful person, but you got problems [youtube

  4. I saw my baby! Cryin’ hard as babe could cry…what could I dooooo? *sigh* I loved that movie and the music, and of course David Bowie. Thanks for the post. ❤️

  5. Wonderful tribute to Bowie.
    When did everyone get arms?

  6. Welp, it’s time to go watch Labyrinth.

  7. I knew I could count on you to cheer me up! And in the future, if, but mostly when, I start a “you remind me of the babe” call and response you must promise to see it through!!

    Now my biggest challenge is to get my country music loving girlfriend to understand why I keep crying these last two days. The death of people I’ve never met have profoundly affected me four times now.

    Number one was Jim Henson. I cried for over a week at the loss of my formative self reflected in his simple genius. Two was John Candy. Just because I believed him to be incredibly sweet and kind. Three was Hunter S. Thompson. Although I felt mostly anger about that.

    Now David has left me.

    And my reaction is closest to that of the loss of Jim Henson. I find it even more so moving when you take into account Labyrinth involving both of these fine men.

    Regardless of my grief, I just want to mention how much you continue to impress and move me as a kindred spirit should. My heart rips from my chest and catches a greyhound to your front porch to climb into your rib cage for hugs and high fives.

  8. Beautiful tribute. Whenever I think of Bowie, The Labyrinth is the first thing I think of. Great movie and a great post. I think Bowie would be proud to read this :)

  9. That movie has stuck with me for decades. I have a feeling that film answers a lot of questions about how my psyche developed….

  10. Love love love the illustrations (as always)! Ah man, you have me reeeally hankering to go watch Labyrinth right now – but it’s almost midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Sigh. Maybe I should re-think this being a responsible adult thing. 😛

    • Being a responsible adult is a terribly irresponsible idea! At least that’s the motto I’m sticking with…

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I’ve been really trying to improve my drawing skills so your love means a lot!! ☺️

  11. Nice tribute, Labyrinth was one my favourite movie when I was a kid. R.I.P. Bowie. :(

  12. Now I’m crying again ……..

  13. You forgot to add the requisite drum riff after the ‘routine” (which had me laughing so hard, the dog thought I’d lost what marbles I have left)….. remind me of the BABE….(BWAHAHAHHA)…. I miss him too. :(

  14. A tremendous loss to the music art/industry..major tom we will miss u😨😰

  15. David Bowie was one of those people who, even if you hated what he did, you would still have to agree that he was brilliant.

    There won’t be–can’t be–another like him.

    We’ve lost the most brilliant chameleon ever hatched.

  16. Fa-ame! (with backing vocals from John Lennon) blaring from KLIV is one of my earliest childhood memories. RIP, Mr. Bowie

  17. i wuzz gonna say
    “you have no power over me”
    (or something like that).
    but that ain’t XXX acklee true.

  18. I never thought the passing of a stranger could upset me so much…

  19. Yeah, I remember how sad my mom would get when an artist she had grown up with passed. I didn’t understand how she could grieve someone she never even knew personally…I get it now.

    May God’s love be with you, David Bowie.

  20. Looks like I already said things. Looking forward to the new. Dance!

  21. Sweet. Now I’m off back to the bog of eternal stench.

  22. hello problems with infinity its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada is singing sumthing abowt wot kind of majik spel to yooze slime and snails or puppy dog tails or — hay waitaminnit!!!!!?!?!?!?? puppy dog tails?!?!?! think of sumthing else dada and think of it now!!! and rest in peese to my old frenemy the goblin king!!! ok bye

  23. Not to judge or anything…but I reckon sleep might do you good…are you stressed?

  24. love this :) brings light to sad times
    now, its time for popcorn and lets watch Labyrinth again shall we?

  25. I have such wonderful memories watching Labyrinth when I was a kid—and, of course, feeling totally scared through much of it. RIP David Bowie.

  26. I imagine David Bowie had a different take on it than Cary Grant did, but that same routine was used in “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.” I was shocked to hear of Bowie’s death, it still doesn’t seem real. Thanks for the tribute. :)

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